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Seasonal Insights on the State of the Industry
Bee Partners is a pre-seed VC fund that seeks exceptional Founders at the start of their journey, be they first-timers or seasoned entrepreneurs. We invest pre-revenue and pre-product - we proudly lead most of our investments and enjoy working with complementary investors. We never pass because it’s too early.
We believe that Machines Will Win. Recent investments were in robotics, voice, AI, synthetic biology, and B2B market networks, spanning healthIT, logistics, manufacturing, agriTech and supply chain, among others.

Kira Noodleman

This document was prepared by Bee Partner Kira Noodleman, with tremendous support from Alejandra Vergara and Sailesh Mohapatra. Kira sits on the boards of four Biological Machines companies, one Machine-to-Machine Learning company, and one Human Machine Interaction company.
Kira's social media: Twitter - @kiranoodleman Linkedin - Kira Noodleman
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